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Why Audile?

When I wanted different, every music service gave me more of the same. I wanted an app that taught me something new about music every time I listened. I wanted hi-fi acid trips, 1960s bluegrass, and Wahala Project. Instead of listening to a single song, I wanted to experience the space an artist was working in. I wanted a recommendation algorithm that gave me entire albums.

So I built Audile.

Audile's algorithm is different, our recommendation engine doesn't favor popularity. That means you won't be listening to music just because everyone else listens to it. On Audile, you are just as likely to discover Joe Cahill as you are AC/DC, and I think that is a good thing. I can't promise everything you listen to here will be good. But I can promise you this: you will listen to music unlike anything you have heard before.

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